Herbalife Side Effects to Kidney

Herbalife Side Effects to Kidney

June 21, 2019 Off By David Smith
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Are you thinking of using Herbalife products? If yes, it is important to know how Herbalife products can affect your health. Herbalife contains caffeine, so people who take it experience jitters and anxiety. They feel restless and nervous. And caffeine consumption can affect your kidneys.

Also, Herbalife products contain high levels of lead that can affect the kidneys. And lead has been linked with hypertension that can also affect the kidneys. Most people have filed complaints, and lawsuits about side effects of they experienced when they were using Herbalife products.

Here are some reported Herbalife side effects to kidneys.

1. Lead

Herbalife products contain lead that harms the kidneys. When there is too much lead in your body, it affects the organs in your body such as your kidneys. When lead affects your kidneys, it is called lead-related nephrotoxicity. Kidney damage from lead exposure is rare these days.

However, taking Herbalife products increases the levels of lead in the body. The lead in toys, dirt, dust, drinking water and house paint rarely cause kidney damage. If it happens, it is usually due to several years of lead exposure. Stop taking Herbalife products if you want to reduce lead exposure.

2. Caffeine

Herbalife products contain caffeine. And regular caffeine consumption increases the risk of developing calcium oxalate kidney stones. How? Oxalate and crystals of calcium combine to form calcium oxalate stones.

Also, caffeine is a mild diuretic because it prevents kidneys from absorbing water.

Furthermore, the caffeine in Herbalife makes renal failure worse, especially if there is kidney disease. Regular caffeine consumption increases protein in the urine, it increases heart rate, and it makes the arteries in the kidneys to be less flexible, so it can increase blood pressure.

3. High Blood Pressure

The circulatory system and the kidneys depend on each other. The kidneys use a lot of blood vessels to filter extra fluids and filter wastes from the blood. The nephrons in the kidneys filter the blood. If the blood vessels are damaged, the nephrons will not function well because they do not receive enough nutrients and oxygen.

If high blood pressure is not controlled, it causes the arteries around the kidneys to weaken, narrow, or harden. The damaged arteries will not deliver enough blood to the kidneys. And they do not filter blood well.  Using Herbalife products increases high blood pressure.

4. Ephedra

Some Herbalife products contain ephedra or its active ingredients. Ephedra is not safe for both adults and children. Ephedra causes high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, strokes, seizures, heart attacks, muscle disorders, and even death.

If you take Herbalife products that contain ephedra for a long time, it leads to high blood pressure, and it can increase the risk for bleeding within your brain. And you know that high blood pressure prevents the kidneys from working properly. By the way, ephedra is banned in the USA.

You now know Herbalife side effects to kidneys. Some Herbalife products contain harmful chemicals that can damage your kidneys. So, you need to be careful when taking these products. Do not take Herbalife products that have a lot of complaints or lawsuits.


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