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Kidney Hurts In The Morning

The older you get, the more you start actually listening to your own body and taking action to limit the damage you do to it. In the end, many of the diseases and conditions that affect our health, and eventually our lives, are actually caused by our lifestyles, what we eat, drink, breathe, and do.…

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The Causes Of Kidney Pain After Sleep

If you suffer from kidney pain in the morning, there are a number of potential causes that you need to know about.  While it is important to understand the potential causes, you should visit a doctor.  A doctor will be able to determine the exact cause and provide the treatment that you need. Kidney Stones…

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Herbalife Side Effects to Kidney

Are you thinking of using Herbalife products? If yes, it is important to know how Herbalife products can affect your health. Herbalife contains caffeine, so people who take it experience jitters and anxiety. They feel restless and nervous. And caffeine consumption can affect your kidneys. Also, Herbalife products contain high levels of lead that can…

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